Epsom Salts naturally sourced. Relax and unwind. Soothing, calming. Add your own oil essential oil for a more personal touch. Relieves sore achy muscles. Reduces inflamation in joints and helps calm arthritis.  Can be applied as a fertilizer around plants to amend magnesium deficiencies in soil. Beneficial for pets who suffer from skin discomforts.

Epsom Salts

  • Epsom salts mixed with water can be part of a weekly routine incorporated in a bathtub, foot pan, bucket, troughs, irrriation systems. Epsom salts are a great way to replace magnesium in our bodies, a crucial element to the uptake of all other minerals including calcium.  Epsom salts help create more sweetness in tomatoes and colour in roses.

  • Wholesale prices available. Delivery available in Mexico, United States and Canada.

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