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CATHY ANN HILL is the science and passion behind New World Organics. She has been a Landscape Consultant for over 30 years.  New World Organics specializes in the production of Natural and Earth Friendly Alternatives to Gardening, Integrated Pest Management, and Pet Care Products. 


Cathy also conducts popular seminars and workshops in the Southern Baja educating about how to garden pesticide free!

Not only do her products perform, they smell good, and are 100% organic!

Earlier in life...


Hill worked at nurseries and florist shops and becoming inspired, she attended the University of Guelph, a horticultural and, agricultural institution.  She took her education and applied it to small business enterprises; a terrarium business, garden maintenance business, and landscaping. After moving to British Columbia, Hill landed a position at the famous  farm and feed store Buckerfield’s, where she continued to gain valuable experience for the next 15 years. During that time she took courses and earned further certifications, including a veterinarian dispenser’s license. In 2009 after 13 years of ongoing courses Hill received a second certification from the University of Kwantlen in IPM - Integrated Pest Management a special course certifying only a hand full of people in the province of British Columbia.

During a fortuitous trip to the Southern Baja,  Hill stayed at a B &B in Rancho Nuevo, south of Todos Santos,  and talked about her business and her products. Her host encouraged her to bring her organic products and gardening know-how here. The first few winters, Hill took a leave from her job and brought her products down here and consulted with home gardeners. All of her products came into the country legally. Cathy has developed non-toxic pesticides and has certifications in this area.



Passionate about her work and with proven products and professional credentials, Cathy is the person that can help you live pest-free and chemical-free. Whether it is her NEEMENTA concentrate or her MOSQUITO B GONE Barrier/Repellent, her products work.


Cathy also conducts workshops in the area and is always happy to make a house or farm call for personal consultations in the Southern Baja.

Cathy holds a General Horticulture Certificate from the University of Guelph and is an accredited IPM Specialist through Plant Health BC from Kwantlen University.

Todos Santos

Baja California Sur

Tel: 612 107 8588

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