I'm impressed with your project. I had an essential oil business in CA. We tried for years to make effective pesticides and failed. My humble congratulations! 

Will be visiting Todas Santos in February.  Hopefully, we'll have a chance to meet. I'm looking forward to trying your blends.

Pat Rothchild 7 months ago

I live part time in Phuket, Thailand. I bought this bug spray to use here and all I can say is it is amazing!  
I had to spray my car in the afternoon and came back to it a few hours later...the car smelled fresh and not one creepy crawler..where hours before nothing was getting rid of them. It was an infestation and this little bottle made by Cathy did the job!

I am so happy. Also very grateful that it is safe and really works!  
Thank you. Im going to load up on this product!  

Leigh Whillans


I'm so excited to have found these all natural products!! As the mom of a 2 yr old who is going though a "tasting" phase (licking walls and floors) I have to be very careful about what chemicals are around. Most pesticides are FULL of poisons! This is a fabulous solution and exactly what I've been looking for! !

I have known Cathy and used her products for over a year and I can wholeheartedly say they are the best organic products I have ever used. From Pesky Mosquito and Flea & Tick Terminator to Gurulux, she takes pride in personally making sure every product is 100% organic and safe for our homes, gardens and pets!  She even makes house calls, and saved my Mango trees! Thank you Cathy for your dedication to our environment! 

Laura Bowles

Great to see Natural Organic Products made in Mexico and your great new label! Susan Farrar




Great Products! Flea and Mosquito Be Gone WINNERS!!! Keep up the great work! Will Prince



Have used the products many time always satisfied ! There is a trade off to use non Chemical  solutions ( availability, price,  shelf life) and I will suffer with whatever nature offers rather than use chemicals. Thanks for your Passion and Love that you put in all your products !  Peter Obstfeld

Pesky mosquito works great on my whole family. Thanks!  Anna

Meet Cathy


CATHY ANN HILL is the Head Guru and owner of New World Organics, a Baja California Company since 2010.


Cathy can be found at many of the fabulous local markets in the southern Baja and calls Todos Santos her home.


Her passion for earth friendly plant and animal care is boundless, her endless well of knowledge about natural pesticides famous in the region. She has also developed a line-up of natural cleaning products that won't hurt the environment, have fabulous aromas and work!

Read more about how New World Organics can help throw the pesticides out of your life...



no roundup! Weedaway herbicide organic destroys in 24 hrs.love it!
Top Sellers! click here for full list

Natural/organic 'WeedAway' herbicide non-selective destroys emerging top growth of tough weeds and grasses. Doesn't hurt pets or people. No residual

in soil. Ready to use and pourable reusable containers. Instructional video u-tube - Weedaway herbicida


Natural/organic indoor/outdoor insecticide/fungicide with neem/cinnamon is highly recommended to destroy mites, aphids, whitefly, mealybug and more. No resistance and does it's job well!

Ant Get Lost front label.jpg

Organic Ant Get Lost liquid ant bait naturally attracts ants and is taken down to the colony. Controls and destroys the whole nest including the queen(s). Destroys cockroaches to!

Pesky Mosquito and Pesky Fly and Tick repellents. Excellent organic natural protection against mosquitoes and flying insects. Handy spritzer bottles. Soothing and non irritating even on sore red skin.

new photo GuruluxPlus front label.jpg

GURULUX PLUS natural on-contact insecticide that will keep your beautiful gardens pest free! Aphids, spiders mites, leaf hoppers, whitefly, ants and even fleas! Spray natural insecticide GURULUX PLUS to control major viruses inflicted by non beneficial insects. You can pick and eat your vegetables on the same day. Yes. Dosen't hurt people, pets or good bugs.

YogiClean RTU front label.jpg

YogiClean Multipurpose cleaner/sanitizer natural organic in three different sizes. Orange/cinnamon power to knock out major viruses. Smells so good!

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